Visionary Leadership in a
Turbulent World:
Thriving in the New VUCA Context

Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context, is the thoughtful analysis of nine expert authors from around the globe who put VUCA under the microscope and take the reader on a journey that looks at VUCA from a number of different leadership perspectives. Through their research and writing these nine authors seek to provide sense-making and insights that are combined with practical tips and frameworks to help leadership embrace this new VUCA context and learn how to thrive within it.

Exceptional Leadership by Design:
How Design in Great Organizations Produces Great Leadership

Imagine a world with great leadership. What would that world be like? Would it be a better world or a worse one? Now ratchet great leadership up to exceptional leadership and suddenly we have cause for optimism. This book debunks the myth that leaders need to be creative like designers to apply Design Thinking. Applying design approaches and practices to organizational leadership is not just about its leaders becoming more creative.

Woman Courageous:
Leading Through the Labyrinth

Women Courageous: Leading Through the Labyrinth is a collection of true experiences by women from different parts of the world, leading in the political, academic, non-profit public, and private sectors. The stories illustrate their courage and also include a scholarly analysis to reshape our understanding of courage - how it shows up, develops, and facilitates transformation. The book offers stories of ambition, self-actualization, co-creation, as well as conflict, loss, betrayal, and healing, that will echo your own experience.

African Leadership:
Powerful Paradigms for the 21st Century

African Leadership is an edited collection enriched by the people who have lived and experienced indigenous leadership first-hand, demonstrating how African leadership is distinctive from usual Western hegemonic paradigms. Providing an in-depth discussion of the components, context, followers, and skills that contribute to the success of African leaders, African Leadership concludes with meaningful applications for 21st-century leaders globally.

Rewriting Leadership with
Narrative Intelligence

Effective leaders understand that we make meaning of our experiences by creating stories we believe to be true, but which are largely based on fragmentary evidence filtered through our biases, beliefs and dispositions. Rewriting Leadership with Narrative Intelligence draws on a range of disciplines and scholarly traditions to build a compelling case for a new perspective on leadership, seeing it as a deeply embodied, intuitive skill of curating shared narratives, in influence relationships.

The Coaching Companion:
Get the Most from Your Coaching Experience

The Coaching Companion is a short book written to new coaching clients. It is our hope to put this resource into the hands of every person who receives professional coaching - whether in the domain of leadership, career, health, or life. Use of this resource will elevate the quality of coaching for even the most masterful of coaches. Why? The impact of coaching is a result of not only the coach's skill, but also the clients' ability to fully the leverage the coaching they receive.

The Coaching Companion:
Leverage Your Leader-Coach

Employees across sectors and economies are begging to be engaged and empowered. Rising to this challenge, organizations are increasingly invested in helping leaders shift from expert leaders to Leader-Coaches. Building on concepts in The Coaching Companion: How to Get the Most from Your Coaching Experience, this work speaks to what you can do to get the most from the Leader-Coaches who support your growth and success. It is also an excellent guide for leaders who want to increase the impact as a Leader-Coach.

Perspectives of Black Canadian Poets

Truth spoken plainly and powerfully is difficult to dismiss and impossible to ignore. Edited with purpose by Greg Frankson, AfriCANthology: Perspectives of Black Canadian Poets brings together some of Canada”s most influential dub, page, and spoken word poetic voices and gives them space to speak freely about their personal journeys in piercing verse and unapologetic prose. Just as individual experiences of Blackness are diverse across Canada, each contributor recounts aspects of navigating their unique personal, professional, and artistic paths in Black skin with fearless candour and audacious forthrightness.