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Global Leadership Initiatives

Developing Excellence in Leadership Globally

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Coaching for performance and Mentorship

Our highly experienced ICF certified coaches have worked with numerous leaders across a wide variety of sectors. They bring to the table industry experience which enables them to help our clients to find powerful, effective solutions to help them address challenges they may be facing and assist them as they walk through a journey of growth and development to become a stronger, better leader within their organization. Whether you are new to your leadership role or a seasoned veteran, coaching is a valuable tool that will equip you with the resources you need to increase productivity within your organization, lead your teams effectively, create a sustainable work environment, and find a healthy balance between work and life so that you can thrive and enjoy your role. For new leaders, coaching will assist you with stepping into your role with confidence, learning how to lead your new team, developing strategies to ensure that you don’t burn out, and designing a plan for continued learning and self-development. Click here, to find out how you can receive two free coaching sessions

Leadership Hub

The Leadership

Designed by leaders for leaders, this space is your portal to success. Here you can access the most current information on business and leadership. As a member you will have access to informative podcasts from our experts, free webinars and training, discounts on all events and products, free coaching sessions, certificate courses and more. You will also have access to the Leadership Hub’s discussion forum where you can network with leaders from around the globe and engage in discussion and learning. The Leadership Hub is ideal for both individuals and organizations. As an organization, we offer special membership packages so that employees across your organization can have access to this tool. Our certificate courses and training webinars are a fantastic way to help your employees to engage in continuous learning and our coaches will assist them to tailor self-development plans to promote growth. Click here to view The Leadership Hub.

Leadership Hub

Certified Programs

GLI offers a wide range of certificate programs, workshops, and seminars designed by our team of world-renowned business experts and academics. Our programs offer valuable tools that will equip both individuals and teams to become high -capacity leaders within your organization. To view our courses please see our course catalogue. We also offer custom coursed for organizations as well as significant discounts on our courses through the membership program.

Tailored Programs

Tailored Organizational Programs and Training

GLI recognizes, that there is no “one size fits all” solution to leadership training. Each organization, leader, and team is unique and situated in a different contextual environment. As such, we custom design our programs to meet those individualized needs. GLI has worked with numerous organizations including but not limited to educational institutions; police, fire, and EMS services; government; healthcare, as well as power generation companies, and is an Ontario Vendor of Record. Because we have a large team of global experts from a wide variety of sectors, we are equipped to offer tailored services to organizations in order to allow them to address their unique business and leadership development needs.

Global Leadership Initiatives

Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc strives to develop excellence in leadership globally. We offer individuals and organizations holistic tools and programs that enable them to develop their leadership and business capacity. Our corporate programs are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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