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Vivianne Bridgeman

Leadership Catalyst


You must do the things you think you cannot do
Eleanor Roosevelt


"Vivianne approaches life with a sense of curiosity, passion, and adventure. She is the President & Founder at Stratagem Business Consulting Inc., an agile organization made up of experienced business professionals who work closely with their clients to develop targeted solutions that are grounded in their business reality and aligned to their company values. Service verticals include HR & Business Consulting, Executive Coaching and Custom Training. Vivianne is an executive business leader who has thrived in fast-paced organizations; partnering with Senior Leadership to enable strong business performance through creating cultures that are resilient and agile. Reigniting the passion within individuals and helping them to improve their performance, reconnect to their purpose and deliver results. Vivianne partners to help drive their business agenda through people who are aligned, engaged, and empowered. Vivianne believes that the organization’s performance is dependent on culture, and the depth of her experience in working with executives across a variety of disciplines enables Stratagem Business Consulting Inc. to deliver differentiated, transformational solutions to enhance and harness their cultural advantages. She believes that if we can help our clients deliver consistent, predictable results then we can achieve our desire to be their “trusted advisor”. MISSION: Live with purpose. Harness the potential in others, enable transformation and be an instrument for change. VISION: Help others use curiosity to explore wonder and possibilities to create a more insightful, inclusive, and respectful world. Expertise Strategic HR Planning & Execution | Executive Coaching | Relationship Building | Global Leadership | Change Management | Succession Planning | People Strategies | Employee Engagement | Team Leadership | HR Policy & Program Development | Re-Engineering & Restructuring | Design Strategy | Communication | Organizational Development | Culture | Leadership Development | HRMS | Emotional Intelligence | Benefits | Recruitment | Head Hunting |"

Leadership Journey

Vivianne brings 20+ years of progressive HR leadership in the North American, Middle East and Caspian regions in senior leadership positions – Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Security Services, Snow Sports and Not for Profit. She is driven to ignite new possibilities by increasing people’s confidence and unlocking unexpected potential. Vivianne gets excited by enabling people to achieve meaningful impacts through themselves and others.