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Sarah Elkington

COO & Leadership Catalyst


Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it
Nelson Mandela


Sarah is the Co-founder and COO of Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc. She has served in this position since 2015. Sarah also has a background in Health Science and is close to becoming a Registered Nurse. She combines her Nursing knowledge and leadership knowledge to focus on wholistic leadership development that addresses leadership as a complex set of interactions informed by diversity.

Leadership Journey

Leadership really is a journey and often a journey or process you don't realize you're on. It's not simply a position that you reach or even stay in. It's fluid. It's a role some of us find ourselves in for a period of time or something we move in and out of. For others, we lead informally from amongst, supporting and directing our teams and colleagues. Some of us exhibit raw leadership skills throughout our lives that are cultivated as we grow and other's of us never dream or even desire to be in a leadership role, but somehow find ourselves in that position for one reason or another.