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Global Leadership Initiative's Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness Programs Are Good for Your Bottom Line. As a leadership development and organizational effectiveness catalyst, GLI has been strengthening organizations' bottom line in many sectors since 2015. Our peer-reviewed research (Elkington et al., 2017) highlighted that effective leadership development in the 21st century requires skills such as:

  • Systemic interdependence orientation
  • Understanding of VUCA and VUCA prime
  • Understanding of global market forces and trends
  • Values, ethics, and social responsibility
  • Team leadership
  • Diversity eloquence
  • Conflict management
  • Connection with and commitment to followers
  • Strengthening follower engagement
  • Change agility
  • Technological savvy
  • Global Leadership Initiatives, INC

    GLI hosts a team of subject matter experts to support the development of these skills. We integrate long-term global sustainability or flourishing by helping organizations rethink their corporate vision and organizational design (Elkington & Upward, 2016). We help organizations develop bench strength by expanding their leadership footprint. We also help organizations build innovative ecosystems through our team effectiveness catalysts. When leadership capacity, abilities, and skills are enhanced, organizations have higher employee retention rates, higher employee engagement, and lower frustration and burnout. Our team at GLI is ready to transform your organization and strengthen your bottom line.

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