Megan Peacocke

South Africa

Do not practice what you do not want to become.
Dr. Jordan Peterson


I'm passionate about all things psychology and personal development! I love learning more about the human mind, and ways in which we can work with our psychology to meaningfully occupy the unique parameters of our lives. In the words of Viktor Frankl, “Whether a life is fulfilled doesn't depend on how great one's range of action is, but rather only on whether the circle is filled out.”

Leadership Journey

"I have always been drawn to theories of effective leadership and the impact their implementation has on creating healthy units across all scales - from family to organisations to nation states. Throughout high school and University I occupied leadership roles in volunteer work that I participated in, and was promoted up to leadership positions in my work sphere. I resonate with the multi-dimensional approach that GLI offers; a unique blend of positive psychology, business best practices and leadership building that enables clients to attain impact and influence in a world calling for great leaders. "