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Lyzette Schwella

Leadership Catalyst

South Africa

Everyone is uniquely irreplaceable.
Victor Frankl


As a qualified Counselling Psychologist, I have worked in special education, secondary education, tertiary education, adult education, and in private practice. I am a certified EQi-2.0 and MBTI practitioner. My work experience regarding the teaching I do, is embedded in combining theory and the practical applications thereof. In personal mastery I want you to actively get to know yourself better and to build on your strengths. Emotional intelligence has a variety of skills you can acquire to handle your emotions and other people’s emotions. My goal is to help people experience the multitude of benefits by gaining emotional intelligence. Human-centred design is solving problems with the people experiencing the problems. Together we are stronger. Leadership is central in personal mastery, emotional intelligence, and human-centred design. I believe one person can make a difference. We are all connected and responsible for our own and other people’s well-being. My life is a lifelong journey of continuous learning and improvement. What motivates me is to help people to connect with their true selves and develop self-regard. My choice of studying psychology is something I benefit from every day. The realisation that we have the capabilities within us to live our most-fulfilled lives gives me hope. Mindful compassion is the way to unlock our potential because it awakens the heart and motivate acts of kindness to self and others. Deliberate acts of kindness make the world a better place. Self-knowledge is infinite and therefore knowing yourself is a lifelong journey that never stops. This journey forms part of a global consciousness because "I am because we are".

Leadership Journey

I have always found myself in leadership positions. At school I was part of the council of youth leaders, during my university studies I was part of the leadership of my hostel, in my special education counselling position I was head of department, as Counselling Psychologist I was head of Eduhelp at DF Malan High School, and as lecturer at the School of Public Leadership and School of Social Innovation I am responsible for the development and presentation of courses. The courses I have developed are personal mastery for woman leadership; leadership innovation change management as part of a post graduate diploma in healthcare management; personal mastery for middle management; mentoring and coaching, personal mastery and emotional intelligence for social business; and human-centred design thinking for social innovation and entrepreneurship.