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Laura Boyko

Leadership Catalyst


Your thinking becomes your reality


Laura has been with GLI for over 7 years in a variety of roles and most recently is the host of the GLI podcast with leaders from around the world. She also hosts GLI’s engaging and informative webinars and annual symposium. For over 15 years Laura has worked in leadership roles with teams who were struggling with culture and performance to those that were considered high performing. Laura has a keen interest in group/team dynamics which has helped to hone her skills working with interprofessional healthcare teams and collaborative team functioning. Laura’s leadership and management knowledge within a unionized environment has provided a rich ability to lead within a complex system at all levels of leadership including middle management to Board governance. Most of Laura’s teams were also within multi-site organizations, allowing her to leverage her knowledge of systems, competing priorities and differing cultures. Laura has an extensive process improvement background which has been utilized in healthcare, career services and counselling departments in order to reduce wait times, leverage scope of practice and improve quality of care and client satisfaction. As a certified ICF Coach Laura has worked with many individuals across a variety of issues specifically targeting those within employment transitions. Work is such a large part of our lives and Laura personally takes action to ensure that people feel good about their work, either as part of a team or individually. As a social worker and psychotherapist, Laura has a highly attuned active listening sense that allows her to dig deep beneath the surface of what is, and isn’t, being said. Personal development and uncovering professional blind spots is an area that Laura thrives in and enjoys seeing others emerge having a better sense of self, more confident and self assured. Laura has been an educator in the postsecondary system for over 10 years and enjoys offering collaborative facilitation to support leaders at all levels as well as mentoring emerging leaders. Laura’s engaging style, often infused with humour and joy, creates a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment where people can look introspectively in order to be a more confident and resilient leader.