Dr. Jennifer Moss Breen

United States Of America

I'm still learning



Jennifer enjoys mentoring doctoral students through Creighton's University's doctoral program in Interdisciplinary Leadership. Her recent work with the Carnegie Foundation and a new book in production through the New Directions in Student Leadership allow her to focus on institutional practices and reinforce leadership development and education in the higher education environment. Her recent writing has focused on developing leaders in graduate and professional school settings as well as a new book offered through Emerald Publishing, Women Courageous: Leading Through the Labyrinth. This is the third book fostered through the Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc. (GLI) leadership consulting group. Jennifer lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska and enjoys time with family, friends and pets.

Leadership Journey

Jennifer first explored leadership in depth after witnessing the misuse of power and how quickly that use of power can impact the people, teams, and affiliates of an organization. As such, Jennifer decided to pursue knowledge in the area of leadership. Upon earning her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, Jennifer formally began her university teaching and leadership consulting career. Today, Jennifer studies not only leadership scholarship, but also leadership in practice. Working in a Jesuit institution (Creighton University), she also is keen to discover the nuances and outcomes of Ignatian Leadership in contemporary society.