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Not for Profit and HR Catalyst


It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it
Nelson Mandela


Dr. Frumer is currently the President of Jenni Frumer & Associates LLC, consultants for organizational management; specializing in organizational culture change, executive coaching, change management, leadership development, talent management, fund development, community outreach strategies, accreditation readiness, and program design and development. She is a graduate of both the Wexner Leadership Training program, the Alliance for Children & Families Executive Leadership Institute (ELI), at the University of Michigan. Dr. Frumer has a National Board Certification in Geriatric Counseling, a Certification in Geriatric Care Management has an Aging Life Care Professional certificate, and is a former Florida Registered Guardian. She holds a certificate in Visionary Leadership During Turbulent Times from Ontario university and a certificate and Leading Organizations and Change, from MIT. She has over 38 years in nonprofit leadership and enjoys combining her clinical and business knowledge and skills to help primarily nonprofit organizations evaluate their talent management, programs, and community collaborations.

Leadership Journey

Jenni was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa. She was impacted by the experience of living under an Apartheid regime and as a young social worker, was committed to working in the black townships on the Cape Flats, until emigrating to the US in 1982. She pursued a career in nonprofit human service organizations. She has been dedicated to the understanding and practice of trauma-informed principles in organizations. Jenni has worked to mitigate hate and bigotry, focusing on the multi-generational legacies of trauma. She currently consults as the Director of the NOW for Holocaust Survivors Initiatives at MorseLife Health System and works with the NEXT GENERATIONS of Holocaust Survivors as the Director of Strategic Initiatives and serves on the Board of the International Center of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma.