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Global Leadership Initiatives (GLI), Inc. a Canadian federally incorporated leadership development organization, is located 50 minutes East of Toronto in the Region of Durham. It was co-founded by Rob Elkington Ph.D. and Sarah-Kate Elkington BHSc. GLI is currently comprised of world-class leadership, sustainability, management, and team development experts from around the world which allows GLI to offer its services internationally.  GLI currently operates in a wide variety of sectors including, but not limited to: large multinational corporations, non-profits and charities, youth leadership programs, healthcare organizations, universities, entrepreneurial incubators, government organizations, and first responders such as police and fire services. All leadership programs and services are tailored to the client with the vision of developing excellence in leadership. GLI does this through offering a host services and products including: tailored workshops and seminars, university certificate courses, coaching, leadership apps, and books.

 Developing Excellence in Leadership Globally

Global Leadership Initiatives exists to develop excellence in leadership globally. We support this vision through our combined commitment to the “4-I” process of inquiry, intervention, impact, and iteration. This 4I approach to leadership development undergirds the books we write, the online University Certificate courses we develop, and the workshops and seminars we deliver. With this in mind, GLI leverages the best of leadership development theory and practice by utilizing the 4-I Model of Leadership Development as pictured in Diagram 1 below.  We bring together a talent pool of highly experienced leadership development experts, researchers, and coaches to develop seminars, mentorship programs, and organizational interventions that will change individuals and positively impact organizational processes throughout the enterprise.


GLI’s Leadership Development interventions positively affect Human and Social capital in organizations, as well as their overall organizational performance. By the conclusion of our Leadership Development interventions GLI provides evidence for some, if not all, of the following key indicators of ROI on leadership development expenditure (McCallum and O’Connell, 2009):


  • Reduced transaction costs due to increased trust with trading partners
  • Increased knowledge creation and sharing due to trust and shared goals
  • Increased coherent action flowing from organizational stability and shared understanding
  • Reduced turnover, severance costs, hiring and training expenses, and personnel churn – which also maintains valuable organizational knowledge
  • Maximized values of competition and collaboration by increasing chances to earn above average financial returns Increased skill and leadership capacity across the organization at all levels

Team, Executive, and One-on-One Coaching

Empowering Leaders

Leaders today are faced with incredible challenges due to ever changing business environments filled with volatility, uncertainty, conflict, and ambiguity. Thriving can be difficult to achieve in light of such forces and the natural instinct to simply survive takes over. 
In Survival mode, leaders don't have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

From Surviving to Thriving

The goal of GLI's highly experienced coaches is to provide an objective, safe and supportive environment where you will be challenged to explore both your strengths and developmental areas. Our coaches will motivate you to go beyond yourself and identify meaningful and achievable goals in your leadership journey. Throughout each step of the journey, they will assist you with developing your plan to reach these goals and stay committed to them despite successes and failures that ensue.

Global Leadership initiatives provides one-on-one, team, and executive coaching in which you will be provided with highly individualized sessions with a core emphasis on focused learning processes between the leader or team and the coach. Coaches will work with individuals to identify development areas relating to one's ability to manage themselves and one's relationships effectively. In a team setting, the focus will be on understanding group norms, how the team functions as a collective body and how individuals relate to one another to ensure that the team is flourishing.

Seminars and Workshops


Critical Thinking and Ethics


This course seeks to aid participants in developing critical thinking skills and ethical perspective. At the completion of this course students will have developed the following abilities:


Business Ethics


This course seeks to address some fundamental issues in business today including:

Why do organizations need to address ethical issues?


Foundations of Leadership


Discover the foundational leadership theories that will enable you to become a successful leader!

This one day seminar is perfect for those looking to develop a well-rounded view of foundational leadership principles and theory.

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University Certificate Programs and Seminars



This Months Featured Coach



Expert Consultant

Judith Glick-Smith has a Ph.D. in Transformative Studies with a concentration in Integral Studies, and a MSc in Conflict Management. She has been a consultant in the areas of leadership development, strategic planning, business architecture design and implementation, knowledge management, conflict management, project management, business analy-sis, systems development and deployment, training, and documentation. She has worked with Deloitte, Southwest Airlines, and Global Payments


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